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The Bully Killers Serial Novel on WordPress: Chapter 3

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The Bully Killers Serial Novel

by Michael Engelby

Chapter 3

 Charlie Dalinger

March 11, 1988

         A wicked evil end, that’s what it was. A wicked evil end…yeah, yeah…and that’s the way it plays and always will be. Got a pretty good idea when it started, a pretty good idea maybe, but not exactly. There’s comfort, an advantage in knowing the exact moment when something starts. To know when the game begins, to know when the rules change.

        Everybody’s got games running through their lives, blowing in the wind like long strands of silk tied to the branches of an old willow tree down by the riverside on a full-moon night. It’s beautiful just so long as the wind doesn’t blow in a hard rain.    

        The wind. Been blowing like this for what, two days now?

        “Clack, clack,” against the window again. Here it comes loud and “thump,” the collision of gust and building and now the water in the toilet sloshes back and forth, ebb and slosh, no tidal consistency, up one side and down the other, slower, slower, slower, and calm.

        “Clack, clack…thump,” the slosh and ebb naturally terminal.

        Burn warm and tingle…

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The Bully Killers Serial Novel on WordPress: Chapter 2

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The Bully Killers Serial Novel

by Michael Engelby

Chapter 2

Walter Dalinger

April 21, 1985

         Don’t worry sweetheart, you haven’t been here for a long time. They’ll never see us coming. 

        Walter loved the sound of her voice, soft and gentle, calming. The raindrop beat on his pickup blurred the light outside of Chubby’s Tavern on the other side of the street. Walter liked sitting in his pickup. He had been sitting and thinking and listening and watching for hours. A set of lights pulled into the parking lot and joined the other five or six cars.

        Looks like everybody’s here. Let’s go in and say hello.

        Walter opened the door and stepped out into the rain. A car passed splashing rain up onto the sidewalk of a sleeping Main Street. Walter could feel the red taillights on his face as he stepped off the curb and walked across.

        They’re going to be so surprised. Isn’t this delightful?

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The Bully Killers Serial Novel on WordPress: Chapter 1

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The Bully Killers Serial Novel

by Michael Engelby

 Chapter 1

The Dalingers

October 1st, 1975

         My brother Jerome died when he was little, but then he came back to life again.  Talks to angels, chases demons. Makes the seasons change while he sleeps. I know it’s true because I watch him at night.

         Tosses and turns when he turns winter to spring. You can hear the chunks of ice and driftwood on the river break up and crash against each other in water that looks like old coffee and cream. Sounds like thunder.

          It’s different for summer. He twitches and mutters and only sleeps a little. In the summer it gets so hot that the trees around the edges of the cornfields start to wobble. Annie says it’s because your eyeballs are boiling inside your head. I don’t believe her though.

           When he changes it to fall he sleeps like he’s dead. Nothing, except drool out of the corner of his mouth. Only the tree branches scratch against our bedroom window. Don’t like the cold. Jerome says he likes getting goose bumps, but he doesn’t understand why the feathers won’t start growing.     

         When winter comes, and everything is so cold it turns to black and white, and at night I can’t tell if I am asleep or awake, and the wind pushes so hard the house creaks, and Jerome screams and kicks until Josie runs in and holds him until he stops. He says he is suffocating. I don’t know what suffocating means.

         She kisses him on top of the head and whispers over and over again, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” I feel scared until she looks at me and says, “It’s alright Charlie. Go back to sleep, it’s just the changing of the seasons.”


         “Charlie! Get down out of that tree and come here.”

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